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Dye a Silk Scarf at a Benefit for the Children’s Advocacy Center


Skill Level: All
Instructor: Gail Callahan
Date January 27, 2018

Call Irene Woods: 508-843-7306  or email:

Color Class with The Kangaroo Dyer

Skill Level: All
Instructor: Gail Callahan

Come and join The Kangaroo Dyer for a day where we will focus entirely about COLOR. Using several mediums, including acrylic paints, clay and dyes students will experiment and discover how to make color.



New Product

Elegant Silk Infinity Scarf,  Hand Dyed by the Kangaroo Dyer.

The silk is dyed in small batches, making each one unique.  The circumference is large enough to surround the neck either once or twice.  Also know as an infinity scarf, these cowls are light weight, yet warm and comforting.  They sit nicely under a blouse for an extra touch of warmth and color without any weight.

Avaiable in 5 Colors – Sienna, Persimmon, Hyacinth, Sky and Mossy Rock. See the picture in the gallery images. Indi cate your color preference in the comment section when checking out.

Hand Sewn by Doris Brown

Customer comments:

“I gave them to my three daughters, who all have different styles and they all loved them.”

“People stop me on the street to remark at its’ beauty.”

“I wear mine to bed to keep my neck warm when I am reading’”







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