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Gail Callahan

Gail Callahan

Gail Callahan, The Kangaroo Dyer is called The Color Whisperer. She is an author, teacher and hand dyer of yarns and silk. Color and texture have always been important to Gail. Whether it was during her quilting phase, the weaving phase, the felting phase or the dyeing phase; color is her first priority.

Gail was dragged kicking and screaming to dyeing. The yarn she wanted to weave was only available in a natural color. She began dyeing with great trepidation, and now loves dyeing any animal fiber in sight.

After discovering the joy of dyeing she knew that anyone could learn simple techniques and dye their own yarns and silk. In 2010 she wrote Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece.

In 2012 her Original Color Grid was printed. This tool, based on the science of the color wheel, teaches the user to select perfect color combinations.

Gail dyes yarn and fabric as the Kangaroo Dyer featured on her web site: kangaroodyer.com and yarn for Webs at yarn.com. She has dyed special collections for Interweave and exclusive shops around the country. Her silks were featured in El Décor magazine in 2010.

She lives in pastoral Western Massachusetts.

Gail Callahan


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