Question: Why are you called the Kangaroo Dyer?

Answer: My first business was making hand quilted totes. At the time my children were young and active in sports and art events so I brought along my quilting pieces to pass the time. Being creative and productive has always been important to me. When I started thinking of a logo for a business card, I wanted a whimsical animal figure as a starting point. The more I thought about the Kangaroo, she has the best of both worlds; a pouch to care for her babies, and yet her hands are free to be creative. The Kangaroo Quilter was born and has had several iterations since then as Kangaroo Weaver and Kangaroo Felter.

Question: What is your favorite Kangaroo?

Answer: Definitely, the Kangaroo Dyer, I feel as though it encompasses many options in terms of creativity.


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